Sunday, November 20, 2011

Recycled Paper Producers in Cambodia

Craftwork Cambodia's recycled paper producers are a large family that live approximately 20km from the city of Phnom Penh

Mr.Nuth Sam Eng, was born in Prey Veng province, his wife passed away in 1998, he raises his sons and daughters by himself.  He and his family produce recycled paper sheets and note books, to help pay for his children's higher education at school.

Mr.Nuth Sam Eng's underprivileged family are working hard to better position themselves for their future.

Sam Eng & his family

Grinding paper

Drying paper

Tearing old paper

Rolling paper into mold

Patterns on recycled paper notepads, are dyed using natural dyes from leaves and tree bark.

Recycled paper is recommended for use with greetings cards, notepads, notebooks, price tags, envelopes, gift boxes, wrapping paper, and other craft related use

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* DHL have a minimum weight order of 1kilo at $25, but cheaper prices are quoted for a heavier weight, therefore recycled paper products are recommended for wholesale purchase.

Customers are welcome to buy individual pieces, but need to understand that the shipping cost will be $25 up to 1kilo in weight.

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