Monday, April 18, 2011

Greg Lauren Recycled Tent Fashion

Former actor, painter, and artist Greg Lauren is no stranger to fashion, for he is the nephew of fashion giant Ralph Lauren.  Greg has recently transferred his skills into wearable art, with his range of designer jackets made with recycled materials; army tents and duffle bags, now available to buy in Barney's. Price tags are not easy on the wallet, but his jackets are pleasing to the eye.

Greg Lauren Tailback Jacket

Greg Lauren Tailback Jacket
Twill open jacket with notched lapels. Contrast grommet and topstitch detail. Removable inner vest. Made from vintage army duffle bag. Available in Army Green
 $2,490 from Barney's

Greg Lauren Duffle Bag Coat

Greg Lauren Duffle Bag Coat

Reconstructed cotton canvas jacket with peaked lapel and front flap pockets made from vintage military duffle bags. Available in Army Green.
$2,485 from Barney's 

Greg Lauren Army Tent Jacket

Greg Lauren Army Tent Jacket 
Twill high collar jacket with notched satin lapels, flap front pockets, and ribbons ties at sleeves. Grommet details throughout. Center vent. Made from vintage army tents. Available in Green.
 $2,375 from Barney's

Monday, April 11, 2011

Upcycled Wooden Ruler Ideas

Rulers have long been made of wood in a wide range of sizes, but not all rulers these days, are wooden.  Vintage wooden rulers hold a certain old school nostalgia don't they? 

Old School Wooden Rulers

Image c/o

We've found some wonderful ways to reuse old school wooden rulers into new, useful, and artistic pieces.

Yardstick box

Made in Virginia by Dorothy Spencer, her yardstick box searches for retro rulers to make into keepsake boxes with roller skate wheels for feet, and a water faucet handle.

Vintage Ruler Charm Earrings

Vintage Ruler Lampshade

by RoostLiving

DIY Vintage Yardstick Table

ruler tabletop
Upcycled Box Desk Organizer

Upcycled Box, Wood, Desk, Organizer, Vintage Ruler, Found Object by MalcolmStudioShop on Etsy
 From MalcolmStudioShop