Friday, November 11, 2011

Introducing Greg Mann Jewellery to Recycled Market


"Greg has been practicing his craft for over two decades, showing his work around Australia and in other countries.

The recent decision to take his work into a more commercial context directed him to view his studio and stores of materials in a different light.

Upon delving into the various collections he had begun, and contemplating what his interests had been over time, he observed some patterns and reinforced his moral stance about creating new work from found objects.

He noticed a recurring theme in the culinary utensil area as he had gathered a stock pile of organic materials, including bone and ivory handles from old cutlery sets.

Eventually realising that the jewellery he made using this source for materials was of interest to a wide cross section of the public and that this was an area which offered endless possibilities.

The range of objects that he now produces consists of the gleanings from trash and treasure markets, opportunity shops, friends, customers and supporters.

His backyard studio now bulges with the plethora of items that we use in our kitchens and he uses his jewellery making skills to heighten and embellish those familiar objects into curious wearables."


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