Thursday, November 17, 2011

Introducing Craftworks Cambodia

It is with absolute pleasure to introduce fair trade ethical producers, Craftworks Cambodia, to Recycled Market.


"Working towards a better future for our people and the planet"

Craftworks Cambodia did not have an option to sell online, so approached Recycled Market to see if we could help expand their online presence.  We are delighted to help Sapbay's project, working with producer groups living and working around the capital city of  Phnom Pehn, help artisans achieve a better life of dignity, and better education for their children.

  "We aim to provide the underprivileged Cambodian home based producers the opportunity to be trained in the production and marketing of contemporary craft. We are committed to the personal development of our workers as individuals in an economic, social enterprise. We provide employment to home based workers and we pay fair wages for their work and a safe work environment.

We work very closely with the home based workers and producer groups with disabilities, disadvantages, and vulnerability in the communities of Cambodia.  This project is to help those producers or artisans with life of dignity and better education for their children "

Craftworks Cambodia will be furnishing Recycled Market with an abundance of ethically made recycled products in the coming weeks.  To start with, Craftworks Cambodia have listed their ironwork products for sale, including nut and bolt creatures made from second hand car scrapsIronwork artisans skillfully mold recycled nuts and bolts into creative little creatures.  Additionally, recycled bomb shell bee sculptures.  Bomb casings are left over from Cambodia's wartime three decades ago.  Products are made and sold to introduce a small income to underprivileged communities
 Example - Father Bee (see other listing)

Freight charges out of Cambodia are ridiculously expensive, but less money for larger weight volume.  It is very hard for Craftworks Cambodia to sell products individually, due to the high cost of shipping ($25 for 1 kilo weight through DHL).   

Shipping costs for higher weight volume are much cheaper, therefore we are suggesting that wholesale orders are recommended for orders.

Here is an example chart of DHL shipping costs for weight 20kg and above

Customers are most certainly welcome to buy individual products but need to be aware of very high shipping charges.
 Shop Craftworks Cambodia > here

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