Monday, March 28, 2011

RutisRoots Paper Bowls

Based in Haifa, Israel, RutisRoots is one clever artisan.  She creates eco-friendly ornamental bowls made with recycled paper, including tea bag and chewing gum wrap papers, carefully folded and glued together.

"Christmas color bowl" made with recycled tea bag wraps:

Christmas colors paper bowl
From RutisRoots

"Handsome brown folded paper swan" made with over 410 pieces of recycled paper:
Handsome brown folded-paper swan
From RutisRoots

"Tiny colorful paper bowl" made with 70 pieces of recycled paper:

Tiny colorful folded paper bowl
From RutisRoots

"The chewing gum queen" made with 1050 pieces of chewing gum wrap papers:

The chewing gum queen
From RutisRoots

"Lava Bowl" made with 200 pieces of recycled paper:

Lava bowl
From RutisRoots

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