Monday, February 21, 2011

Grain and coffee sack chic

We at Recycled Market are always fascinated by products that can be upcycled with grain and coffee sacks.

As their original purpose, sacks can be fairly plain:

  Grain sacks image c/o Jack Creek Farms

But perhaps it is their neutral tones and textures that works so well in home furniture and decor:

Image c/o Style Files

Beautiful stools made by Kootoyoo

Rice sack cushion by Velvet Bean

Reupholstered with French vintage grain sacks, this Edwardian sitting chair takes on new life. Image c/o

Butaca chair designed by and hand crafted in Guatemala, c/o Melange Collection

And sacks make wonderful bags..

Images c/o EttaBloom

Recycled grain bag made in Guatemala, c/o Melange Collection

Recycled shoulder totes made with t-shirts and sacks c/o Melange Collection

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