Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recycled Ideas for Packaged Food Containers

We live in a world where food is conveniently packaged into a range of containers for both liquid, and solid matter.  Our food is presented to us in packets, boxes, jars, tins, cellophane, plastic and paper.  Our packaged food can be frozen, heated, microwaved, shaken, squeezed, baked, sprinkled, poured, and finally, consumed.

"In some developing countries up to 50% of the food is wasted through poor packaging and distribution methods." SOURCE: Packaging What a Waste? KESAB.

A few ideas for ways to recycle our prepared food containers.

Recycled Corona Beer Bottle Glass Tumblers

c/o $30 c/o BootleHood

Empty Tin Can Kitchen Utensil Holder


Idea and Image c/o HGTV

Cereal box re-purposed into magazine storage

Idea and image c/o Sew Many Ways

Recycled Drink Bottle Vases (for a Wedding)

vintage handmade lds wedding

Image c/o

Upcycled Chip Packet Purse


  1. I think this is a better idea for creating recycled packaging. We usually create packaging material for use and through. The idea of recycling the packaging material is good move. Recycled drink bottle vases are good example of this idea.