Tuesday, September 6, 2011

El Naturalista Footwear

The brand El Naturalista (The Naturalist) originates from La Roja, Spain -- a fertile, prosperous land known for their artisan shoemakers since ancient times. El Naturalista® footwear is made as natural as possible; serving to bring attention, preservation and support to the Environment on a global level.

A quote taken from El Naturalista's inspiration trip based on their current Recycled Footwear range.  A trip to Recyclus ..

"We live in the age of recycling, and what better represents our philosophy than this concept... being truly respectful of nature and moving away from marketing and fashion. Our company, which already is a family, only uses eco -friendly leather that respects the environment and that is processed avoiding toxic materials. Also, in our production process we don't try to produce quantity, but quality. All our products, from shoes to packing materials, are recycled and recyclable." 

A selection of shoes available to buy from their current collection:

Recyclus Ella
Recycled rubber sole, naturally treated leather
foto principal del modelo n927
207.00 EURO 

 Recyclus El
Recycled rubber outsole, jute, leather, cork
foto principal del modelo 2N9134141B05
164.00 EURO

Nido El 
Recycled rubber outsoles, leather, natural rubber

Recycled foot bed, leather, natural rubber

foto principal del modelo 2N4360500005

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